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A little about us...

Crosstalk Records opened its doors on September 24th, 2022 after many long months of planning, construction, destruction, painting, sanding and a healthy dose of unpaid volunteer hours from friends, family and community. The store is led by founder and creative director, Joshua Gibbs, whose background in music dates back almost 20 years when he began his career at a small record store in Chatswood.

Crosstalk Records is a unique community-driven hub that combines a genre-agnostic and well-stocked record store, live music venue, and hi-fi museum. The highly ethics-driven team at Crosstalk believes that everyone should have easy, safe, and affordable access to music, and aims to create a space that is inclusive and welcoming to people of all ages, genders, races, and religions, as well as members of the LGBTQIA+, disability, and neurodivergent communities.

One of Crosstalk's many initiatives is "Artists For Artists", which stocks local and unsigned musicians' physical music on LP, cassette, and CD, with 100% of all sales going directly back to the artists with zero fees. Josh is also working alongside local government to improve Norton Street's nightlife and revive cultural and creative spaces. Located on Norton Street in Leichhardt, Crosstalk Records is five doors up from the famous Bar Italia, frequented by Prime Ministers and celebrities for over 70 years. While the strip was once a bustling hub of music venues, it now consists of a string of long-abandoned shopfronts. Crosstalk Records is working to bring life back to the area and create new opportunities for the creative arts to flourish.

Gibbs says, "We're thrilled to see new locals every single day. We work closely with local community groups and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about what we're doing. The community is enthusiastic about small businesses and hungry for new ideas and initiatives, especially around nightlife and arts culture. To quote the famous line from the movie Field of Dreams, ā€œIā€™m a spooky ghost and I command that you build a huge baseball field for me and my spooky ghost baseball friends ā€“ and also If You Build It They Will Come."